Indoor and recessed ovens

Furnaces with indirect fire, ideal for house kitchen

Stainless steel cooking chamber with base in refractory material and central grill.
Cooking chamber completely separate from the furnace to avoid baking foods in contact with smoke, ashes and toxic gases.
Aluminium for food doors. The oven is equipped with internal lighting, a thermometer to check the temperature inside the cooking chamber, a timer and a valve for better draw regulation and better temperature retention.
The ovens can reach a temperature of 300° with just 3-4 Kg wood in 25 minutes.
All models can be placed in taverns, attics, kitchens with any type of coating, provided that the smoke exhaust is connected to the flue.
On request all models can be fitted with a third baking plate, ventilation, roof and stainless steel panels.
All ovens are available with or without trolley and are equipped with : fire-shovels, poker and pans.
GEMIGNANI ovens are guaranteed for 2 years (excluding the refractory plates and the electric part subject to normal wear)

G 100/G 100S models

  G100 G100/S
Baking plate (cm) 2 plates
2 plates
Width (cm) 90 80
Oven height (cm) 103 95
Depth (cm) 113 113
Flue Ø (mm) 152 140
Oven weight (kg) 450 375
Trolley height (cm) 57 66
Trolley weight (kg) 65 56
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G 70/G 90/G 95c/G 95 models

  G 70 G 90 G 95 G 95c
Baking plate (cm) 2 plates
2 plates
2 plates
2 plates
Width (cm) 69 69 80 80
Oven height (cm) 90 90 95 95
Depth (cm) 73 93 73 104
Flue Ø (mm) 140 140 140 140
Oven weight (kg) 193 238 240 345
Trolley height (cm) 66 66 66 66
Trolley weight (kg) 37 45 45 52
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